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Pureland Global Venture is a direct investment fund and part of the Pureland Group which targets impact investment deals in the medical technology sector. We are Singapore-based with a focus in APAC, India and the US. The fund deals with early-stage companies who have potential to inject value into the patient care system, save lives and reduce gaps in the supply and demand chains. Since we were established, we have invested in multiple medical sectors in both medical devices and ML-based solutions.



Established with the goal of giving people access to healthcare and also providing them with clinical choices, our mission is to bring medical solutions and savings to 100 million people around the world.
We strongly believe in people who don’t just care about profit and who want to make the world a better place by solving real issues and pushing forward the latest evolution in medical technology.
We envision bringing together impactful start-ups, commercial partners, insightful advisors and clinical providers in order to build a sustainable foundation for affordable, accessible and high-quality healthcare.



Worldwide healthcare spending is expected to continue to rise at an alarming rate with a slight difference in some countries. Of all the leading factors, life expectancy appears to still be on the rise. By 2050, 1/6 people in the world will be over the age of 65 (16%), an increase from 1/11 in 2019 (9%). The number of people aged over 80 is projected to be 426 million by 2050 according to the United Nations population prospects.

As we are entering a smart-health generation, the ecosystem demands more cost-effective solutions and appropriate treatments which can be delivered at the appropriate time and location. Clinicians use technology to give more holistic solutions to an aging population and provide more accurate diagnostics. Care delivery stakeholders use data and communicate more effectively and efficiently. Patients are involved in their own treatment plans and more healthcare access is delivered to people who did not previously have access.


Unfortunately, we still face issues such as the increasing cost of healthcare, aging population, limited resources and shortages of healthcare professionals in various parts of the world. In order to combat these problems, government support and spending alone is not enough.

We believe that these shortages can be filled by technology, which can be our solution for ensuring sufficient healthcare for future generations. This is also the reason why we are keen on enterprises which can provide solutions to combat these issues and create positive changes in the smart-health era. Founded in Singapore, we hope to be able to leverage the geographical advantage of Asia, and put together growth opportunities for these technologies which will make them accessible globally in the long term.






Start-ups regularly face critical decision-making as businesses grow from continuous market feedback and unexpected situations. We understand how difficult it can be and we will work together with the founders as a team in order to assist them with scaling their company, whether  from networking referrals at the R&D stage, business strategy improvement at the growth stage, or EBITDA optimisation at a later stage. We offer support to founders for the optimisation of team structure as their businesses grow so they can overcome challenges and compete globally.



Manufacturing is one of the most crucial aspects of any device company, but it is often where mistakes are made. We advise our companies who experience manufacturing challenges from prototyping to mass production. In order to achieve this, we provide strategic value to our portfolio companies by connecting them to cost-effective manufacturing partners throughout the plastic, PCBA, silicon/rubber and final assembly industries. Our partners are high-mix and low-volume suppliers who understand the challenges of start-ups. Outside of production, we assist companies with lower case costing, set-up and management.



Establishing a good corporate culture and necessary internal control will mitigate business losses from major risks and lay the foundations for a company to improve. In a later stage funding cycle, correct corporate governance and internal control are paramount before larger funds buy into the company’s vision and growth story. We have a complete understanding of control and our networks are comprised of global experts in financial knowledge and risk assurance who can work together with our companies.



We typically fund companies while they are still young, from their seed to their series A round. Given the heavy research and development nature of medical technology companies, they usually require additional funding in order to boost their business quickly. Post-investment, we will not only collaborate on budgets and milestone adjustments but will more importantly offer assistance with financial modeling and revenue projection. This ensures that companies gain a higher chance of future investment. Finally, we work with other larger funds all over the world who specialise in revenue growth in order to understand their needs when they select their investment targets.



We seek founders with longer-term goals and a desire to take their companies to global players. Given our evergreen nature and flexible exit strategy, we are well suited to the long operation cycle of healthcare companies. At the same time, we understand and respect that some founders have a shorter term goal of M&A to boost market shares, expand business services or leverage bigger players to scale the company. We are experienced in company buy-out considerations and offer our support to founders as long as the company fits within our investment mandate.

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